January 27, 2017

We are pleased to announce that Luse Gorman has once again received the No. 1 National Ranking as legal counsel for mutual-to-stock conversions and mutual holding company transactions, as reported by SNL for transactions completed in 2016.  Luse Gorman has been the No. 1 ranked law firm for mutual-to-stock conversions and mutual holding company transactions for over 15 years.  In particular, we note the renewed interest of mutual institutions in mutual holding company stock offerings as a vehicle for raising capital incrementally while preserving control.

Luse Gorman is a trusted legal advisor to financial institutions that need corporate, securities and regulatory advice in their efforts to raise additional capital to support growth and profitability.  We appreciate the continued support and confidence of our clients, which has allowed our law firm to consistently achieve the highest results.

For more information about our law firm and to learn more about how your community bank can successfully complete a mutual-to-stock conversion or mutual holding company stock offering, please contact any of our partners listed below, or visit our website at www.luselaw.com.

For more information please contact: Eric Luse, John Gorman, Larry Spaccasi, Kent Krudys, and Kip Weissman.


Source: SNL Financial